(USA) San Francisco-based education technology company with a curriculum that is intended for remote software developers. It is available globally and states that tuition is only paid after the student get a job.

If as a Freelancer you are earning less than usd $1000 per month using this knowledge or you can´t land a job, you don´t have to pay anything. That´s it:
The program is available to start at the beginning of each month and lasts for six to eight months. Participants in the program can complete pre-course work if they are completely new to coding. This part of the program is optional. The next parts of the program are mandatory in order to start the program and include coding challenges, which are algorithmic coding challenges. There is also a collaborative project during which participants will be paired with two other peers to complete the project. 

Breaking into the world of software development can be hard. Sure, there are lots of programs and courses available from websites such as Udemy, But knowing just what to spend your time on — and maintaining the motivation to keep reading and working on projects without anyone holding you accountable — becomes a challenge after the initial excitement wears off. There are solutions out there: coding boot camps offer the kind of discipline and atmosphere needed to see you through to the “end” of the journey (or at least a hireable point on that journey — no developer ever stops learning to code). In reality, though, such boot camps are only accessible to a small portion of the world’s aspiring developers, who happen to be located near one or able and willing to move to a new area. Enter, a new kind of boot camp where members work together remotely through pair programming.