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Hi, I am going to show you how Effortless CPA Works, in four simple steps. First we have to create a campaign. So for example we want to create a campaign for weight loss.

Save. So now we have saved the campaign name. now we'll search for the CPA offers in weight loss category. we can categorize with different options. like Network, category and, Country right now I'm keeping it simple. okay you can see it has picked up so many CPA offers we can select.

when you click on the links, it is going to take you to the details of the particular offer,  and you can apply to that particular CPA Network and get your affiliate link. Once you do that then comes the next step. where we are going to create a funnel for this particular campaign. weight loss.

you can select from all these done for you templates so you can create your own.

You can change the image. you can do all the possible editing that you want to do,

it's really simple to use.


important part is add the opt-in form code from your autoresponder; so that you

can capture all the leads inside your desired autoresponder once you do that,

simply click on the create funnel option and you can see your new funnel.

settings is ready and we have to assign a campaign that we have created in the

beginning so just assign the campaign.

Now we have to find the right PPC ads for this particular campaign so I'll go inside

the ad search option:

okay you can see it has picked up advertisement related to weight loss,

from different competitors. So the idea behind this ad search option

is that we are going to find the competitors keywords their landing pages

so we can improve our landing pages based competitors.

And we can use similar content, similar kind of landing pages and we can also

use similar kind of PPC ads so that we can also generate traffic.

The last step is the CPA training, where you are going to

learn a lot of things that are going to help you get started with your first

High converting CPA funnel and how you can scale your CPA marketing campaigns

through the Advanced Training.